Bronze Medallions

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These beautifully detailed, solid bronze medallions are the sculptor's rendition of ancient Greek coins, with the exception of his dynamic, spiritual Head of Christ.

After researching the subject, and perfecting his design, the sculptor creates an original clay medallion, using plastilene clay. Next, using a fine silicone liquid rubber compound, he makes rubber molds of the medallion. The sculptor then casts hard plastic positive medallions, using a liquid plastic compound. The positives are mounted on a specially-designed wooden pallet, and sand-cast in solid bronze. After the sculptor smooths the rough edges of the medallions, they are submerged in a cold patina solution. To establish highlights, the sculptor hand-buffs the medallions before they are heated, and the final patina is applied. Lastly, the sculptor brushes on a marble wax, which he hand-buffs to a soft, satin finish.

The result is a decorative medallion which can be displayed on a table or stand, or mounted in a frame.

Available for purchase:
    1 lb., 4" diameter bronze medallion = $100
    (or buy 3 for $225)
Plus S&H, CA Tax

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