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For more about Andy's life and artwork, read his Reflections at the Preservation of American Hellenic History website (

About the Artist

     Originally from Kansas City Missouri, Andrew G. Saffas is a well known San Francisco Bay Area Artist whose talents include creating bronze sculpture, photography, iconography, oil painting, theater murals and ceramics.

     Andrew is inspired by classic Greek art; his bronze sculptures - created and cast using the ancient lost wax process - are his rendition of mythological or historical figures of ancient Greece.  Anatomy, form, and the use of exquisite detail combine to give the illusion of life.

    Most of Andrew's sand-cast bronze medallions are his rendition of ancient Greek coins; the one exception is his dynamic, spiritual Head of Christ.

    An award winning photographer, Mr. Saffas states: "It is said that a photographer's greatest asset is perception.  I concur. I have photographed subjects ranging from the majestic Parthenon in Greece, to a rusty lock and doorknob on an old weathered door; there is beauty and interest in each." On his numerous trips to Greece, Mr. Saffas, burdened with two cameras and other photographic equipment, trudged many miles in the sun each day, even clambered up rocky terrain to capture on film those images that caught his eye and his interest.

    "As an artist, I instinctively recognize good subject matter, form, light and color.  As I look through the lens, I compose the subject matter to fit the format of my film, and, whenever possible, I wait for lighting conditions that produce the emotional quality I seek in my photographs.

    "One of the benefits of the Ilfochrome color printing process is the brilliant and dramatic color of the prints, with excellent color saturation, outstanding stability and longevity. Giclee prints on soft paper have a realistic color--matte finish--resembling watercolors. I enjoy using both printing methods to acheive different effects.  Depending on light conditions, the lifespan of both the giclee and Ilfochrome prints could be 70 to 80 years."

    Mr. Saffas' work has been exhibited throughout California; six of his Ilfochrome prints are on permanent display at the Oakland Ascension Cathedral Community Center.  He, along with Cedric Bourboulis, painted the apostles on the copper-tone dome of the Ascension Cathedral.

    As a mural designer and painter specializing in theater decorating, his most prominent work was the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. For more about Andy's life and artwork, visit the Preservation of American Hellenic History site.

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